General conditions


The hiring of any activity with GRIETA AVENTURA implies compliance in each and every one of the following conditions.


Type of service:

  • The type of service will be flexible for our customers.
  • The type of service offered is called typified as risk activities, in which, the client assumes the existence of this risk, the guides and technicians, have the appropriate preparation and experience for each activity they perform, Following their instructions and guidelines depends largely on safety during the activity.
  • The client has the obligation to inform about possible pregnancy states, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, disabilities or any type of state, before hiring any activity.
  • It also undertakes not to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or narcotics, as well as any other medication that may affect its ability to react.
  • To participate in water activities it is essential to know how to swim.
  • In the technical file of each activity the conditions and minimum ages are specified. Minors must have authorization or be accompanied by a responsible person.
  • In any case, and especially for advanced level activities, the company may choose to perform a preliminary test and reserves the right of admission.
  • The activities carried out by the company are carried out in a natural environment, the client accepts this condition and will have an attitude of flexibility because adverse causes that modify it such as the weather, terrain situation, unforeseen events, etc. can always act.
  • The authority of the guides will never be discussed, nor doubt their ability to make a decision that affects the group


Authority and responsibility of the Guides:

  • The client who hires an organized and guided group service agrees to respect the authority of the monitor-guide. Therefore, if during an organized and guided group service, the client’s behavior is detrimental to the safety and well-being of the group, the guide may ask you to leave the service without the right to a refund.





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