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Dry canyoning

Dry canyoning in Salt de Penáguila

Salt de Penáguila Ravine

Enjoying canyoning in Alicante!

The Salt de Penáguila Ravine,  is a ravine  that is short and vertical. We could say that it is made up of two parts, the first is closed and well-formed and the second will amaze us when we arrive to the large cliff. The large cliff of the Salt de Penáguila  Ravine is about 70 meters high, which will be descended in 4 rappels between terraced ledges. What are you waiting for to enjoy a day of adventure sport!




This is a beautiful ravine located in Penáguila, in the Alicante province and at Grieta Aventura, we provide you with all the necessary material so you can enjoy a day of active tourism. Grieta Aventura  will make you feel comfortable and safe so that you can enjoy this exciting experience and turn it into one of the best memories of your adventure canyoning in Alicante. We will give you all the necessary material to carry out the activity and we will give you the appropriate instructions so that you do can the route under maximum safety conditions.



– Qualified guides.
– Specific material (helmet, harness,etc.)
– Insurance R.C.
– Accident insurance. 
– Photos. 


What do you need?

– Mountain boots or trainers.
– Clothing suitable for the season.
– Backpack.
– 1 l. of water.
– Be physically fit.



– Don´t have vertigo
– It´s not suitable for pregnant women.


 WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?            

– Height and weight of our custumers, for equipment size.
– Full name and D.N.I. (custumers).
– Mobile phone number and e-mail address.





Category: Dry canyoning
Location: Penáguila (Alicante)
Meeting point: Bar El Águila
Schedule: From 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Season: All year
dificulty: Technique
group: Minimal group: 4 pax Maximun group: 10pax
Minimun age: : 18 years old
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