ACTIVITY PRICE: Beginners: 40 €; Advanced: 50 €; Technical ride: 60 €
Did you know that inland Alicante has countless canyons? Join us and enjoy from a wide range of opportunities. Get to know these deep ravines which form the canyons, these unique environments in which you will have to abseil, slide down the natural toboggans shaped by the strength of water streams or jump into waterholes. The broad range of canyons we work in enables us to offer WATER CANYONS, highly attractive if you like semi-aquatic environments, or DRY CANYONS, during the dry seasons, abseiling and downclimbing to explore every rock formation. Different levels available: beginner, advanced and technical rides. Enjoy the creeks, enjoy the adventures, enjoy Grieta-Aventura.
Duration: 2-3 hours.
What do you need to bring? Swimwear, hiking boots or trainers, and drinking water.